Your Life, Kim’s and I

Kimani is the nicest of his kind that I know. There might be other nice ones I am yet to meet but in the meantime, it’s Kim. He and I were seated at the back seat of a 38 seater mini-bus: just the two of us on a five-people row. Now imagine!

Kim was counting money. I bet they were thousands, in denominations of a hundred, fifty and a majority of twenty coins. ‘So much money on such small hands’, I thought to myself as I smiled! It’s a thing I do whenever I see raw money. It happens very unconsciously and mostly accompanied by hallucinations and distorted vision. For instance, I have never seen an ugly rich man or woman in that matter. Does someone relate? Never mind.

He seemed tired but happy; the day must have paid well. He was chewing profusely, mugukaa (khat) as I later found out.

Then what I dreaded the most; the vehicle veered off the road to evade traffic, so we were basically driving next to some bush, slanting at an acute angle and as usual no passenger ever complains, numb, gripping onto their seats and holding stiff, if I didn’t know better, most of them were in their reminiscent moments, a convenient jolt to their memories on the existence of a protective supernatural power/being.

“God, if I die today, it is your will but please protect us, steer this vehicle because the driver doesn’t seem to care”. Contradictory humans and heck yes, of course they don’t give a hoot about your life! Why should they?

Mr. President, (now that we are allowed to address you directly this days) i would ask that you find a way of closing down these modern driving schools that train people that overtaking should be done from the left, it brings so much confusion on the roads plus please Sir, launching a school that actually teaches citizens to stand up to their rights would really do.

I remember the last time I played advocate and ‘bitched’ at the conductor,

“Konda, ambia dere apunguze speed kwa hii rough terrain, kuna mama ana mimba hapa.” (Tout, please tell the driver to slow down on this rough terrain, there is an expectant woman here).

The supposed ‘pregnant woman’ stares at me with irritability then croaks; “Ni nani ana mimba? Hakuna mtu ana mimba hapa msichana, tunachelewa kazi wacha dereva afanye kazi yake”.

Only two things, if she wasn’t pregnant then her paunch must be as a result of taking too much beer and that would also explain her croaky voice.

How did she even know I meant her? I think she gets that statement a lot. Women!

Till now, Kim and I had not exchanged a word, basically random stares but I felt at home all this while.

“Why are matatu drivers so rough? They carry passengers, fellow human beings like they are carrying a bag of cabbages.”

He looked at me and smiled, I didn’t smile back, I was wearing my Ms. Concerned face, warm but not happy, basically just friendly blank.

Wait, did I mention that Kimani was one of the two touts in that bus? Sorry, I forgot that important bit. I was hoping you would have figured that out by now.

“Sometimes we have no option, even the driver does this hoping that no accident occurs but for him to pay rent, his children to go to school and his wife to dress like other women in the estate, he has to do this.” Kim explained

I couldn’t resist it. I always like it when people talk money plus the whole sponsorship thingy being so common in the sphere right now, maybe there could be avenues women have just ignored or even been misinformed so they haven’t really explored; so I popped the question.

“Does being a tout or a driver in the public transport sector pay?”

I knew he would tell me the truth, I was positive. Kim was probably also looking for a nice passenger like myself to have some job conversation with, you know, talks about the bossy boss, the thin gossipy colleague and the lazy non-competent womanizer diploma-holder who screws interns and earns more than he deserves; in my context of course that’s all I would have had for him.

Anyways, I had also been looking for a nice tout to get some few facts about the public transport sector for a feature I was to complete last year. Wait, where is that manuscript at? Not important.

“Yes it pays well,” he said. “On a good day, the driver and I will go home with at least kshs 3500 each.”

Sponsor alert!

“But that also really depends with your hardwork and some external factors like the police. In some days, we get as little as 100 bob, more like transport home.”

Oooh no, NOT A SPONSOR ALERT. You know, our ladies these days have a high affinity for generous men with consistent and reliable sources of income. They say life is too short to live with uncertainties. Questions of whether he will afford to buy you slush, take care of your uber home (they have an uber app that’s wasting their infinix’ phone memory. Hallo!); can be very detrimental to their health, it is actually a breeding environment for brain cancer. Well, I don’t know if it is true, some blonde told me, I am just reporting.

At this point my curiosity was boiling, in my head I was like, “tell me more brother, tell me more”.

Then I realized we were slowing down. Simultaneously, both of us looked out of the window. Ooh yes, what else could make a driver decelerate from almost a 100 to 20km/hr? Only yours truly, ‘the robbers without violence’ otherwise referred to as traffic police in the constitution.

This particular one was very interesting; a woman of generous proportions, plump and short,  a little attractive I might add. Observing her curiously, Kimani smiled from the sides. I knew she must be higher on the rank based on the stars on her uniform, maybe sergeant, I don’t know, police hierarchical identifiers can be confusing.

“Huyu mwanamke ni waya!” Kim said with a strange enthusiasm. “Huyu kwanza akikupeleka Kilimani police station, huwezi rudi nyumbani na kitu.”

I giggled, that thought was funny. I didn’t understand if he meant that she was good at her work or rogue at her job but yes, she looked tough as Kim had alluded. If you care to confirm, she stands at junction mall, you will notice her, you must notice her, she stands out. Uniquely, she doesn’t operate in a herd. I haven’t seen her stop vehicles often but she sure is the cause of some major traffic jam between junction mall and Karen. How? Well every driver slows down at her sight.  She always seem to remind drivers of some of the basic traffic rules they pretend to forget,  keeping distance between vehicles, not overtaking from the left and what have you. Haha I love this woman empowerment crap, it might just be what we need to straighten our society.

So we slowed down till Kenya Science, then we were out of site, and the driver remembered the deplorable state he had left his children, memories of the harsh woman he married waiting to have a piece of the day’s pie, if he didn’t hurry, it would be his funeral.

Kim looked back at me. He must have been on a trip with his thoughts, maybe remembering an incidence he had had with the sergeant lady.

“Hawa polisi husumbua sana, ni kama huwa tunaamka kuwafanyia kazi.”(This traffic police are really a pain in the a**,   it’s like we wake up to donkey for them).

Of course he didn’t say those exact words but am sure he meant just that.

Kim explained that for most of the minibuses especially, the owner requires at least 10,000 bob in a day where they have made five squads. A squad is like a trip to town and back, in this context, a trip from Ngong to town and back. That aside, they have to fuel the vehicle with anything from 4,000 bob a day, take the vehicle to the car wash, servicing over the weekends (which they rarely do), O&Ms and of course if they bang on a monstrous traffic police, they witness the movie, you know, the one where the villain mistreats the main actor and gets away with it. I hate such movies. Why would a producer hit the studio with an objective of telling viewers that bad people in the society can get away with wrong doings? It should never happen. Even if it does happen in the world that we live in, a producer shouldn’t make it seem so normal. It’s not right.

So the public transport scenario is like a complex food chain sort of relationship: owners of vehicles and traffic police eat off on the drivers who later feed on passengers by either overcharging or over speeding, death and exploitation are the vultures: short chain but very dangerous.

Oooh Kim, this life can be so unfair to such good people as you. I imagined his wife waiting for him, short statue, fat, not smiley at all, no. Then him, so feeble, so slender.

Wait, I thought someone was working on a structure/ reforms that would make it possible for drivers and touts to get monthly salary and some basic health insurance. Yes, there was such a caravan which NTSA was a part of sometime last year.

Any progress so far? Anybody? Alright, maybe that story was a creation from one of these mushrooming gutter presses. But, I must have read it from a credible source because i don’t waste my time in gutters.

Okay, one more time. Anybody? CS Transport maybe? What are you called by the way? My ignorance sometimes scares me. (Very random thoughts)

Okay, nobody knows.

And then you wonder why in the name of evading traffic jam you were taken through some bushy rough road? Why the driver took a swerve you have only seen Vin Diesel pull out through a petrol station and back to the road, only managing to get ahead of one vehicle…that is saving time, and time is money. Hurreh! What an achievement.

Wait, what if the vehicle actually hit that petrol storage tank thingy and BOOM!

May God save His people.

Bottom line:c4c5hltvyaaxiuy



The Ideal man for a 21st century woman



Gone are the days when tall, dark and handsome was the ticket to a woman’s heart. The 21st century woman understands life from a different perspective. The learned, independent, witty woman. They are women who know what they want, they know exactly who they are out to have fun with and who they will take up as life partners. Height and looks to them are more complementary than necessities. An ideal man for a 21st century woman should be:



A Woman is a woman; whether from the 21st Century or from the 18th. The female’s biological structuring has that aspect that yearns to be understood. Now, women are said to be complicated; that is true, probably the most beautifully complicated creatures that at the same time can be understood. Understand her non-verbal cues, when she is quiet, when she talks too much, when she gives you a stern look, when she wants to be left alone and when she doesn’t want to be left alone even though she blatantly demands it. Smile at her mood swings and unpredictable nature. Laugh off when she picks a fight over the simple ogle you gave Miss Curvaceous in the supermarket but hey, don’t forget to reassure her that she is the only woman after your heart.

Have a listening ear.


Women always seem to have all the problems in this world or maybe they are just configured to share. If she can’t share with her man then she’ll share with her friend. The very conservative ones equally find a means of expression; songs, articles. Train them to share more by pretending you care to listen, who said men can’t be good listeners or even that they can’t pretend to listen? Nod, make faces, play with her hair, eyes, just do something to show that you are actually listening. Be warned though, when she asks you to rephrase the ‘little’ she has said for the past boring one hour, because she will, don’t be caught unawares. If she doesn’t find you confidential enough then sorry brah, the activities surrounding your relationship are in the public domain.

 A Manly man

Women empowerment did more damages if looked at from a shallow perspective. Women were empowered to be strong support bases, to be witty and submissive at the same time. They were taught that the essence of an empowered woman is to fulfill all responsibilities, cook and provide, respect the man and make decisions too. Such women can’t be handled by frail men. Maybe the men do need empowerment too. Women need men who come in handy in small vital ways.


Am not sure what that is, but its definitely staying manly


They can fix bulbs, repair zips, do some little plumbing, fixing of the fence and roof and skills in painting. She shouldn’t go calling a carpenter simply because while sharing some moment of pleasure your bed broke.  You don’t hang around the kitchen area when supper is almost ready to inspect how the dishes were washed or how salted the meal is.  A manly man will always offer to carry the loads, no matter how light. You can lend a hand as far as house chores are concerned in one or two occasions but don’t appear competitive; let her feel useful even If you are just as talented. There is something about manly men, they are easier to respect because they naturally assert their authority. To some extent, women still appreciate traditional men.

 A Visionary man

Any serious woman can blurredly predict the future of a man within the first 10 minutes of an interaction. Visionary men can be seen; very conspicuous fellows. They might not say it but you’ll see the desire to achieve, the ambition in their eyes; sexy creatures. Who wouldn’t want the promise of a bright future? The thing is a woman will work too but she would love a man who can assist; the dual income generation.  If you are without a vision, fake one, you never know, it might become real one day. A man without a vision has a dead end. He is just good enough for sex and making rounds for image purposes but as long as planning life is concerned; the less attractive visionary ones will always take the day.

 A Doer

The world of today only cares about what you can do. Your IQ counts very little. Very many smart people end up doing nothing even with the best of ideas. They luxuriate themselves in the pleasure of having big brains and think that life will always wait for them. The average thinking guys on the other hand have petty- not-so-creative ideas that they act on, implement and grow in experience and expertise. That’s the man any 21st century woman wants. The doer. The one who starts a small retail shop and grows it into a multi-million venture. The one who comes up with an idea today, no matter how small and starts implementing it soonest.

Respect your words

A man who keeps promises always turns on women. Well it’s important to remember that I am talking about a 21st Century woman who knows what she wants. She understands what promises are and she values the truth as it is. A man who can be petty to the point of respecting his words will definitely respect his woman. He understands that once he has said something, it should stay as it is no matter how unimportant it might look. Women unfortunately never forget promises. You promise her dinner today, she might not remind you but she will hold you against it. We live in a world where people don’t appreciate integrity, but that stands as an exception as far as promises to ladies re concerned. If you can’t fulfill, simply don’t promise.

Have money potential


Money is security. I wouldn’t want to go into the debate of whether it buys happiness but be sure without money, life can offer a lot of unhappiness. If you don’t believe me, try to remember all the stories you have had of ladies leaving their men for richer niggas. If you don’t have money now, feed your woman with the hope that in future you could have money; they understand one or two things about our unstable economy. When you get some little amount though, spoil her; send her to your wallet haha, just don’t forget to mention that it is in preparation for the bigger plan you have for her. Once I had a boyfriend who told me; ‘ I am working hard today so that I can provide for you everything you will ever need in future’, too sad I will not see that day but you get my point, that’s the money potential I am talking about.

Lest I forget, remember to be God fearing, have some nice characters, be funny, romantic   and dress well. One more thing, be a great performer.

Men have to brace up for the 21st century woman. She might be difficult to handle, more refined actually but one fact stands: she is a woman.

My ambitious blood relative!


It is a few minutes past 11am and I’m still on my bed. This series seems to be holding me back and after every 49 minutes and 28 seconds I tell myself, just one more episode. I had a program scheduled for 11am but I lack motivation in the world and yet there is one right here on my white sheets; a mini laptop fully charged with a not-so-beaten speaker broadcasting a political series. The devil works in mysterious ways.


This would have been me in a normal day.

So I am dazed and confused. The ‘House of Cards’ am trying to extract tactics from seems to be taking a course which I’m disinterested in. Frank Underwood is a fox; and while he puts his vices to good and bad use alike, I can’t help but wonder when I’ll get such an opportunity. But then again I remember he made his choices, he chose the path of politics while I’m still juggling and doing what I do best: being ambitious.

Maybe I could anchor news. Definitely not a reporter, my mum said she doesn’t want to see me running around and looking miserable in the sun in the name of employment. Nonetheless, I would kill to host a political show. For some bogus reason, politicians seem to be a perfect recipe to any complete and lively life. You don’t believe me? Just sample out boring men and women in your life, a little over 90% of them I’m sure are apolitical. They have no clue if Hillary Clinton is a man or a woman, in fact, the only Moses Kuria they know is their not-so-sober Chemistry teacher back in High School. Now that I have thought about it, maybe I would love to get married to a politician; but then again, I wanted my children to bear the DNA of a serious and notorious entrepreneur. Mmmmh… confusing, I know.

Anyway that’s beside the point. Well, at one point I wanted to be a corporate woman, you know the Kerry Washington go-to-person sort of woman. Managing a team of experts and solving problems; the fixer, they call her. Using brains to make the world a better place. I would walk in my black outfit, a white shirt with collars at attention and black stilettos, mostly I would carry my brown overcoat on my left with my porch and coffee on the right. That way I won’t have to strain stretching hands to greet my subordinates, I would simply respond to their respective early morning greetings with a stern nod then head to the boardroom for a debrief, they have been comfortable for a little too long so things need to be shaken up a little bit.

meeting-311355_1280.pngI’m sometimes indecisive yes but NGOs always seem to be pulling me. I would say I love working with international organizations. I don’t know why but just for some reason, it gives me some naughty excitement. Imagine the sound of UN, OXFAM, PATH International, Transparency International;

executive-510491_1920I get to attend seminars in Zimbabwe, fly to South Africa for an intervention, and spend a week in the outskirts of South America lending our colleagues a hand in their research before heading to Miami for our AGM. (Who, anyway in their right sense would hold an AGM in Miami?). Thereafter, I’m paid a million bucks basic salary and the niggas assume I will be crushing in a five star all this while my housing allowance is basically over-exaggerated.

I could decide to be an entrepreneur and own a number of businesses. The hospitality biz seems very intriguing. I would partner (with my husband) in a number of deluxe hotels ventures in some big towns in and out of the country, a chain of supermarkets, own skyscrapers, some fashion houses and then of course run (solo) an events organization company: change the outlook of African events. ; get to the level of the world (BET and Grammy as references), apply some little simple creativity; make a brand, make a name. Gain power! Then I’ll top the list of the most successful women, Sheila will be the name that pops out when anyone asks for an influential woman and then lest I forget to remind you, I will be powerful. I would then make my husband so proud too because, as meek as a sheep, every evening he will come back home, get his dinner ready on the table and I waiting for him on the bed since he promised that we would make some more babies. I hope he will be called Jacob Juniour. (Just thinking out loud)

Either route, I’ll ultimately end up at power.

Then I remember my fantasies have interrupted my concentration and this series has gone a little too far, I can’t make out why Congressman Underwood ended up in bed with the reporter Zoe Barnes. Men never forget to disappoint! So I have to go back, I can’t afford to miss any part, not now; not when it is about politics and foxes and strategists and traitors and a love story that gives me ripples.

And I’m back to stagnation. May God redeem me, I could only hope that the redemption will be timely. God’s time is the best, they say!


I kissed a gorilla…

gorilla-1114750_1920I kissed a gorilla! It was like a nova. Lasted for a while, and then gone. And I was left empty, dead even.

The start was like any other ‘do a mistake we meet’ sort of relationships; the likes of closing your eyes and dialling any number, Pouring coffee on people’s chests just to grab their attention and maybe something more, calling ladies by names that don’t belong to them so that as they correct you then you claim: am sorry, I thought you are called Jane and just so you know; your name is of no use if I don’t have your phone number, those two go together, like love and money! Those mistake not mistakes actions kind of actions! I must confess mine was a bit too intentional actually.

Bottom line, we met. My gorilla and I bonded so well at first; you could hardly realise that we belonged to different species, even I did not realise it till later in our life.

It’s like his mere presence performed a major central abatomy on me: he blew my mind. Day after day I sunk in his world, acted on his call, and submitted just as Ephesians 6 dictates. I drowned in his grave; a concoction of mysteries and pleasure. A world only second after heaven!


And I loved it, not because he was another species but because he was different. My point exactly: he was nothing like any of the men here! Or so I hope. But no, he just wasn’t a man, HE WAS A GORILLA!

My gorilla had the face of a human angel, a body structure like the Solomon you see in Christian movies, surrounded by an air of authority and then what I loved most is that he had a pile of muscles on his chest well designed for my head. Actually I can hardly remember purchasing a pillow while with him, I was satisfactorily contented.

He knew how to treat a woman; like a baby, how to read my moods and manipulate them to his favour and how to touch me; as if sounding a warning that I now belonged to his world; his property.

We had it all figured out. To live happily and get kids, grow old together. Become wealthy from the investments I had ‘inherited’ from my now poverty stricken old man in the village. Travel the world! A happy ending!

Them haters kept nagging me about his character and yes I understood them; mankind can just never be happy when others are.

Of course just like everyone else, you and I alike, he had some weaknesses. His hands were a bit loose, true, but I guess his intention was never to hit me, I have a very strong conviction that my face was never the target destination of his hands. I was just a victim of circumstances, at least in most instances. He did sleep around too but all men do; that was a stage he would one day overcome. His actions in all ways showed that he didn’t care about my feelings but I know deep down in the inside he did; men just don’t show all their feelings like women. He would show one day hopefully. And I was living in the ‘One day’ island.

I kissed a Gorilla. I don’t know what forest he had escaped from but one thing I know, that forest inhabits angel Michael and his descendants. Nonetheless, my gorilla’s heart I cannot judge.

I swear I tried to resist him more than once but I couldn’t. I even packed my clothes sometimes to head home only to change my mind when I felt the coldness on the door knob. I tried prayers, but every time I went on my knees, I felt like I was being unfaithful to my gorilla and most importantly, that I was not worth to be in God’s presence.

I GUESS happy endings are only in incomplete stories.


My story was almost coming to a close and the sadness I could not withstand. I deserved better. At least not much. I wasn’t an angel anyway but I give what I am worth so it is only right that I get what I deserve.

Free advice: never date someone below your level of evolution; if you need a monkey visit the zoo. Gorillas are 98.4 % identical to humans by the way. And till now I just can’t believe I missed to realise the 2.6% deficit in my gorilla. I still wonder what kept me too busy to pay so much attention.

And right now I don’t want to take life casually coz I don’t wanna be a casualty. I kissed a gorilla so your actions and talk must be 10/10 in the homo sapiens sapiens evolution scale for me to come near. No, Of course yes I will look more at the looks… the looks of the brain and the character and the less will go to the butts and the face. A wholistic look always hacks it.


I kissed a gorilla so next time I will be more cautious; hopefully I’ll get one who loves me just as I am. And our conversations will not have clichés’ of ‘baby you have to change’ Aaa Just as you are! Unless when the change refers to that act of removing office clothes and getting to my night cardigans for the night action. I kissed a gorilla so in my next relationship there will be no raising of fingers unless when the Queen Bee is almost landing on my face and he will have no otherwise than to smack it. And she, she will never raise her voice at you unless when that red car you are driving in racing cars is swerving out of the road and she will shout ‘honey’ watch out! You will lose. Neither will she go all commando on you because you can’t share your issues, she will understand that men only share when they are ready; patience is key.


I kissed a gorilla! It was like a nova. Lasted for a while, and then gone. And I was left empty, dead even. I, experienced the traitorous nature of the human soul.



Affirmative Action.

A long time ago, I tend to think in the traditional setups of our forefathers of course, men and women coexisted happily. Women were more or less contented with their position; in the kitchen with the children while men were the hunters and protectors of their households.  However, as time went by; women realised they had ‘some hidden potential’, one just like their male counterparts hence the ‘rebellion’. The revolt saw the creation of the album with the renown hit song popular with the female species; ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better!’ Baloney! I say what a man can do; a woman can do. Period!

Now, I would summarise the enemy to gender equality in two   words; Affirmative Action! Ideally when we are talking about gender equality we are referring to equal rights for both men and women, right? If this term only rallies for women’s rights then a change of name would be more appropriate. I, for one, stand most fervently against affirmative action. Women getting a third representation in parliament and other lucrative positions simply because they are women! Women entitled to 30% tender allocations in the counties! Ladies being admitted to universities at lower grades than men! Ladies getting positions they are less qualified for by virtue of the fact that they possess ovaries.

young-791849_1920I say if there is a day a woman will feel proud of herself and her achievements, it is that day when during her reminiscent moments she will state without fear of doubt that she didn’t climb the ladder through ‘mercy’ or a gender equality policy.

Male chauvinism you might call it so I’ll be quick to mention: I am for women, actually, I also believe there is a potential. But let’s face it; men worked their ass off to get to where they are. Ask them if it was simple, of course not! Did they get affirmative action? Only an ignorant would have a positive answer to that question.

I believe the reason why the world will never fully achieve gender parity is because women and men have never been given a levelled platform to do their thing. Take for instance two persons taking fish. One has been given the bonny tilapia while the other is self-juicing with mudfish. You would be declared psychologically handicapped if people realised the tiniest of thoughts that these two are in a fair competition crossed your mind.  I’ll apply the same analogy to women and men. The women’s journey has never been swift but come on; men have their own share of the tribulations too. Affirmative action is a regretful shortcut, needless to say, growth is supposed to be gradual. Women should be allowed to grow step by step and ultimately they will attain hard-earned positions that no one can oppose. They should create their own space. If women really believe they have the potential, affirmative action won’t be existent in the first place. Rhetorically I ask, does asking for affirmative action then stand as proof than men are actually better than women?

business-idea-1240831_1920My point exactly, a position earned by hard work and justice for that matter is worth respect. Affirmative action, probably, is the reason why men will never drop the ‘weaker sex’ attitude. At least the far I have come am certain is through hard work, I wonder if you can say the same!!


Friends With Benefits

Friends with Benefits. May all the ignorants say ‘I’! They definitely have it. A friend with benefit is in simple terms a friend who gets the privilege of getting exclusive with you with no strings attached. The same goes for Fuckers without Brakes. Trust me, before this article I was very green on just how it can get to that level when a decent lady and a respectable man engage in sexual activities without commitments.

I hate commitments too but this is my analogy, men especially who cannot commit are weak. Their opposite sex counterparts will now have a harsher term- irresponsible whores. Logically, if you like someone to the point of having sex, then even a relationship can be incepted. What will make a man and or woman not commit is merely the fear of the future, the fear of responsibilities. That to me is a Weakness.

Campus students are falling victim of the FWBs syndrome. Mark you, it is supposed to be a mutual symbiotic relationship. For those who Biology passed through them I’ll explain; this is a type of relationship where both parties benefit almost equally from each other. Ideally, no party should be giving more or benefiting more from the other unless it is absolutely necessary.

A slight reality check; what basis do FWBs strive on and who probably benefits the more? In an FWB partnership, most importantly to note there is a lot of sex involved. Sex should be the constant benefit to both parties. There are also provisions for financial aids, companionship and merely a fake sense of belonging. Others just happen to owe each other and hence FWB comes as the paying mode. On who benefits more; am thinking if you feel your efforts and sacrifices are more, you are probably the victim. A relationship without commitments should surely not have sacrifices; that is worth noting.

I still hold a concern though, if a man can stand sleeping with a woman for more than three times I believe it depicts that the woman is satisfactorily tasty. Why then can’t the man take this woman up and honour her with a decent position in his life. No feminism involved, the vice versa clearly applies too.



I guess it is about time that the species Homo sapiens drops tendencies of our not fully evolved animal cousins, the monkeys. Sleeping around is definitely a topic I would like to handle another day, but holding someone ransom in the name of a Friend with Benefits is a cowardly act. They have got wings, just let them fly and your work is to capture them if you feel you have a future together. A little similar to animals, they simply mate and move on.

All that having been said, the choice still lies with you; after all as they say, none of this sexual parts melts, the worst could be they grow wider or insensitive maybe. Use each other to the maximum, maybe you are John the Baptist of that time; to be stepped on and dumped for the main one, the right person as commonly referred to.


Rising beyond our Thomas’ selves; Miss Moi 2016/2017 story

Who is Eve?

Evelyn Wangari is a third year student in Moi University pursuing a degree course in Communication and Graphics. I used to be very shy with a low self-esteem before Saturday night. Contrary to what people perceive me to be, am not outgoing but I am very industrious. Right now from where I am standing, Eve is a testimony to all those who doubt themselves out there that there is an achievable potential within us.

ENT @ 1 20160704_122813

Evelyn Wangari; Miss Moi 2016/17

Where have you been?

Hahaha, my simple self was in the ‘one day’ island. I didn’t want to take the first step, I couldn’t see myself  as anything beyond what I thought I was:  simple shy and low esteemed lady. I am glad the story took a twist.

Ever modeled before?

Yes, hahah in first year I did a TV commercial and then interestingly my part didn’t even get aired. I didn’t try again till this recent one.

You’re now Miss Moi 016/017, how do you feel?

I feel like I have conquered my fears and challenged myself. I am now ready to face bigger challenges in life because this gave me the ‘I can do it,’ mentality so yes, I will fully capitalize on it.

Did you expect to win?

(Chuckles) We all expected to win, that’s why we get in competitions though we stay open to other possibilities too. Somewhere in the middle I was almost giving up because the competition was very stiff, the models were super creative, talented, and bold and I was just a first timer. I would actually say this crown is for all of us. All the models out there, all those who have self-esteem issues and all those who have taken steps towards conquering their fears and doubts.


What was your motivation towards contesting?

Vanessa Ochieng’ (while lighting up), I mean she just thought I would win, some sort of conviction I guess. So she was willing to do anything practically possible to make me contest; she gave me the support I needed. Lilian Wanjiku and she designed my wears by the way. These ladies are ultra-talented. I thank God for them.



Do you have any projects for your reign?

Yes. I will do mentorship charity work to orphans. I realize mostly they grow up with a lot of unexplored potentials, low self-esteem and without natural push (parents) towards their goals. I want to tell them that the push they need should not be sought after in others, it is in them. (finishes suddenly)

Wow! After Miss Moi, what next?

I am actually working on an application to the Miss University Context as we speak. Then I’ll head where all models want to go (smiles), Miss World Kenya.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I feel like I’m already on the journey to where I want to be, my passion for modelling being the driving force. I want to own a modelling agency, clothes lines, and beauty parlors and of course given my career structuring, I’ll definitely incorporate an Ads agency in the mix.


Anything people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know I am an entrepreneur. I am in a business partnership with a cousin: we own a retail shop, slightly past Candiz on the opposite. Evelee House of Fashion currently sells hair and beauty products but our vision is to make it a fashion power house, stocked with jewelry and lots of clothes.

I also just happen to have a thing for natural beauty and nature. I loved Wangari Maathai for her passion to be a naturalist. Just like her, my passion is inborn because when I was in class 5, I was already tending to a personal garden so be warned, don’t expect a Miss Moi with makeup! But I’ll try to live up hehe.


What is your message to comrades and all the others who till now might be crippled with no self-concept!

I’ll speak to all people out there who were like me before Saturday night; everyone has a unique seed in them. I you look at what others have and try to ape you will only get distracted. We have to develop great self-concepts, be our first fans, be open and expect rejections.  If we don’t believe we can do it and we have no friend who can site the potential and push us towards our goals then we will be stuck. Let us not always wait to be confirmed by others, we should believe in our potentials; that is the best way we can tend to our seeds.

We have to shut out fears completely. Let’s not fear competition, and even when we do, we should console ourselves by the fact that the process of any competition is important just as much as the destination.

I thank everyone who believed in me and made me who I am today because I feel like from the ordinary lady that I was before Saturday night, I have grown into an extraordinary lady who can do and achieve everything she desires. I am ready for more opportunities now.

Let us all just take the very first step. Once you have started, you will never want to stop. Success is an addiction!